National Farm Report

With more than 40 years of broadcast experience, Orion Samuelson knows agriculture. He travels the world to bring you the latest ag news and commentary on National Farm Report.

Orion stays on top of the ag issues that affect everyone from the farmer to the consumer. He reports on current events and informs us of decisions made from the nation's capital that impact government at local, state, national and international levels.

National Farm Report updates crop conditions affected by weather and notifies consumers about price fluctuation in the grocery stores. Always concerned about the future of agriculture, Orion follows the development of alternative uses for ag products and the exploration of discovering new sources of income for farmers and ranchers.

His visits with the newsmakers in the world of agriculture keep listeners informed. National Farm Report can be heard on WJBM each weekday.

The headlines in farm news may give a scant review of what the newsmaker said, but often headlines lack the flavor of what was intended.

With Farming America, much of the flavor that would otherwise be lost from those interviews and news conferences is captured and focused in compatible information capsules. This daily five minute show is hosted by Max Armstrong, one of America's best-known farm broadcasters.

In pursuit of the news of agriculture, Max has originated broadcasts from every state in America and at least 30 nations. His work has earned dozens of honors from agriculture groups, trade associations, professional organizations and fraternities.

Farming America goes behind the headlines to tell more of the newsmaker's story. It adds, in the newsmaker's own voice, the expertise, key perspectives, and visions that shape American agriculture. It truly is Farming America!


Farming America

Max Armstrong
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Orion Samuelson